In the immediate aftermath of a military aviation mishap, The Wingman Foundation steps in and provides the necessary assistance to the affected service members
and their families.
The support does not stop there. Once the dust has settled and families have had some time to grieve their loved ones, any additional funds can be used by the family or squadron even many years afterwards to continue honoring their Sailor’s or Marine’s
Saturday April 20, 2024
8:15 am Start – 5K
9:05 am anticipated Fun Run Start
Jacksonville Commons
Recreation Center
Remembering: Captain Nicholas P. Losapio, 31, of
Rockingham, NH; Captain John J. Sax, 33, of Placer, CA; Corporal Nathan E. Carlson, 21, of
Winnebago, IL; Corporal Seth D. Rasmuson, 21, of Johnson, WY; and
Lance Corporal Evan A. Strickland,
19, of Valencia, NM