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Amber of Greenville Guessed Change dropping into a Piggy Bank at 10:30am on 10/02/23
Jennifer of Jacksonville Guessed Dropping a Soda Can on Concrete at 12:30pm on 10/02/23
Josh guessed a glass bottle falling over on a tile floor at 2:30pm on 10/02/23

Ann in Greenville guessed amusement park ring toss at 4:30pm on 10/02/23
Ralph of New Bern guessed a Coin Dropping in a Jar at 10:30am on 10/03/23
Josh of Winterville guessed an Empty Spray Paint Can Falling Over On Concrete at 12:30 on 10/03/23
Carlton from Bridgeton guessed change in a jar at 2:30pm on 10/03/23
Rick in Jacksonville guessed a bolt falling on a glass plate at 4:30pm on 10/03/23
Michelle of Kinley guessed Dropping the Straw Down From The Lid Into A Tumbler at 10:30am on 10/04/23
 Chloe of Jacksonville guessed Dropping A Pen Into A Mason Jar at 12:30pm on 10/04/23
Alissa of New Bern guessed a metal bottle cap in a jar at 2:30pm on 10/04/23
Chris of Jacksonville guessed a hammer bouncing on an anvil at 4:30pm on 10/04/23
Katina of Morehead City Guessed Dropping a Marble Onto A Plate at 10:30am on 10/05/23
Stephanie of Pikeville guessed Dropping a Washer Into a Glass Cup at 12:30pm on 10/05/23
Angela of Hubert guessed a coin going into a jar at 2:30pm on 10/05/23
Michelle of Kenly guessed someone dropping a piece of candy into a bowl at 4:30pm on 10/05/23
Stephanie from Pikeville Guessed Dropping a Pencil into a Coffee Mug at 10:30am on 10/06/23
Gayle of New Bern guessed Someone Sending Morse Code at 12:30pm on 10/06/23
Cameron of Jacksonville guessed a fork in a jar being shaken at 2:30pm on 10/06/23
Alison from Trenton guessed someone playing horseshoes at 4:30pm on 10/06/23
Jennifer of Greenville Guessed Ice On Glass at 10:30am on 10/09/23
Jennifer of Greenville Guessed The Game Kerplunk at 12:30pm on 10/09/23
Jeremy of Rocky Mount Guessed Dropping a pencil Into a Cup at 2:30pm on 10/09/23
Stephanie of Pikeville Guessed Dropping a Ball Bearing Into A Vase at 4:30pm on 10/09/23
Elizabeth of Ahoskie Guessed Dropping Candy Corn Onto a Glass Dish at 10:30am on 10/10/23
Madeline of Greenville guessed Two Glass Bottles Clanking Together at 12:30pm on 10/10/23
Chloe of Jacksonville guessed dropping the tab of the can into an empty can at 2:30pm on 10/10/23


Chelsea of Beulaville guessed a metal straw hitting a metal cup at 4:30pm on 10/10/23

Nicole of Elm City Guessed Hitting a Cowbell with a Stick at 10:30am on 10/11/23

Tanisha of Rocky Mount Guessed The Handle of a Wooden Spoon Bouncing Off A Metal pot at 12:30pm on 10/11/23

Matt from Richlands guessed two glasses clinking 2:30pm on 10/11/23

Christina from Richlands guessed a strong thick plastic straw going into a metal tumbler at 4:30pm on 10/11/23

Josh of Winterville guessed Dropping a Marble Into a Mason Jar at 10:30am on 10/12/23

Billy of Greenville Guessed Clanking two Glass Milk Jugs Together at 12:30pm on 10/11/23

Matt from Richlands guessed a marble dropping into a vase at 2:30pm on 10/12/23

Tanisha from Rocky Mount guessed a little metal door on a gumball machine at 2:30pm on 10/12/23

Elizabeth from Ahoskie Guessed Dropping the Hard plastic Straw In the Yeti Cup at 10:30am on 10/13/23

Byron of Goldsboro Guessed Dropping a Coin onto a Dish at 12:30pm on 10/13/23

Haley of Williamston guessed a ring being dropped in a jar at 2:30pm on 10/13/23

Wendy from Goldsboro guessed drumsticks clinking together at 4:30pm on 10/13/23

Wendy of Washington Guessed the Handle On The Gate Of A Chain Length Fence Falling Down at 10:30am on 10/16/23

Marcy Of Wallace guessed Dropping Yours keys Into A glass jar at 12:30pm on 10/16/23

Amy in Bear Grass guessed dropping a metal straw into a metal tumbler cup at 2:30pm on 1016/23

Elizabeth in Ahoskie guessed dropping a marble in a tin cup at 4:30pm on 10/16/23

Shay of Washington guessed Dropping a Coin Into A Vending Machine at 10:30am on 10/17/23

Chloe of Jacksonville guessed Dropping a golf Ball Into a Cup at12:30pm on 10/17/23

Nicki in Kinston guessed a quarter dropping into a glass bowl at 3:15pm on 10/17/23

Susan from Chocowinity guessed the clip that holds the grommet hits the flag pole

Emily of Jacksonville Guessed Dropping An Ink Pen Or Pencil Into A Glass Jar At 10:30am 0n 10/18/23

Chloe of Jacksonville Guessed Dropping A Key Into A Cup at 12:30pm on 10/18/23

Emily of Greenville Guessed A Gumball being Dropped Into a Coffee Cup at 2:20 on 10/18/23

Dawn of Greenville Guessed Dropping A Washer Into A Mason Jar at 4:30pm on 10/18.23

Susan of Chocowinity Guessed Dropping a Metal Straw Into A Old Smokey Moonshine Jar at 10:30am on 10/19/23

Amy of Beargrass Guessed Dropping a Retractable Ink Pen Upside Down On The Plunger In A Mug at 12:30pm on 10/19/23

Tanisha of Rocky Mount Guessed A Cell Phone Notification at 2:30pm on 10/19/23

Christy of Rocky Mount Guessed Dropping A Metal Straw Into A Glass Cup at 4:30pm on 10/19/23

Emily of Greenville Guessed A Gumball being Dropped Into A Jar at 10:30am on 10/20/23

Amy of Williamston Guessed Drooping a BB Into A Metal Cup at 12:30pm on 10/20/23

Robin from New Bern guessed a quarter being dropped in a metal cup at 2;30pm on 10/20/23

Susan in Twin Lakes/Chocowinity guessed quarters hitting a shot glass at 4:30pm on 10/20/20

Judy of Havelock Guessed a Marble Falling On Cement at 10:30am 0n 10/23/23

Elliot of Greenville Guessed Salt and Pepper Shakers Clanking Together at 12:30pm on 10/23/23

Haley in Jamesville guessed dropping a peppermint into a jar at 2:30pm on 10/23/23

Susan in Chocowinity guessed salt and pepper clanging together at 4:30pm on 10/23/23

Judy of Havelock Guessed Ice Clinking In A Glass at 10:30am on 10/24/23

Susan of Twin Lakes Guessed A Metal Spoon Hitting the Inside of a tea or Coffee Cup at 12:30pm on 10/24/23

Matt in Richlands guessed a peppermint falling into a candy dish at 2:30pm on 10/24/23

Liz in Tarboro guessed two glass spice shakers at a pizza place clanking together at 4:30pm on 10/24/23

Charles of Jacksonville Guessed Dropping a Mint Into a Metal Cup at 10:30am on 10/25/23

Susan of Chocowinity Guessed Dropping a Peppermint Onto a Glass Table at 12:30pm on 10/25/23

Chloe in Jacksonville guessed dropping a peppermint into an empty pickle jar at 2:30pm on 10/25/23

Alison in Trenton guessed a cinnamon stick and a sugar cube dropped into a metal container at 4;30pm on 10/25/23

Robert in New Bern guessed dropping a wedding ring in a metal salt or pepper shaker at 10:30am on 10/26/23

Maggie in Jacksonville guessed dropping a peppermint into a glass cup or jar at 12:30pm on 10/26/23

Susan in Twin lakes Chocowinity guessed Cinnamon and Nutmeg spice jars clanging together at 2:30pm on 10/26/23

Amy in Bear Grass guessed the beginning  beat to  Salt N Pepa’s “push it” at 4:30pm on 10/26/23

Charles of Jacksonville Guessed a Peppermint Dropping On A Dinner Plate at 10:30am on 10/27/23

Katie of Rocky Mount Guessed The Lid Of A Spice Jar Closing at 12:30pm on 10/27/23

Jessie in Roanoke Rapids guessed dropping a nutmeg seed into a glass jar at 2:30pm on 10/27/23

Marcy of Wallace Guessed a Cinnamon Stick Dropping into a Glass Salt Shaker at 10:30am on 10/30/23

Charles of Jacksonville Guessed Pouring Hot Sauce into a Metal Tumbler at 12:30pm 0n 10/30/23

Hannah of Greenville guessed a glass bottle of chilli peppers like clanking on a table in the rack/holder thing at 2;30pm on 10/30/23

Christine in New Bern guessed 2 glass beer bottles hitting each other at 4:30pm on 10/30/23

Jolene of Jacksonville Guessed Dropping an Ice Cube into a Canteen at 10:30am on 10/31/23

Rebe of Raleigh Guessed  A Hinged Lid of a Jar Opening & Hitting the Side of the Jar at 12:30pm on 10/31/23

Charles of Jacksonville Guessed Dropping a Candy Cane Into a Metal Cup at 2:30pm on 10/31/23

Christine of New Bern Guessed Dropping the Lid On a Stainless Steele Creamer Container at 4:30 on 10/31/23

Christine of New Bern Guessed The Sound of the Weighted String From Blinds Hitting The Window at 10:30am on 11/01/23

Susan of Chocowinity Guessed A Copper Moscow Mule Cup Hitting a Fireball Shot Glass at 12:30 pm on 11/01/23

Diana of Raleigh guessed a fireball candy dropping inside a metal tumbler like a Yeti at 2:30pm on 11/01/23

Liz in Tarboro guessed a Dr Pepper bottle dropping a red hot candy being dropped into it at 4:30pm on 11/01/23

Christine of New Bern Guessed a Metal Canning Lid Dropping on The Table at 10:30am on 11/02/23

Francis of Gaston Guessed Something that wasnt right and not close but not repeatable at 12:30pm on 11/02/23 

Samantha in Jacksonville guessed a cinnamon stick dropping into a thermos at 2:30pm on 11/02/23

Chloe of Jacksonville Guessed Drooping Ice Into A Coffee Cup at 4:30pm on 11/02/23

Malia of Newport Guessed A Redhot Candy Dropping Into A Jar at 10:30am on 11/03/23

Jesse of Roanoke Rapids Guessed Dropping a Ring Into a Sink at 12:30pm on 11/03/23

Dabreeka of Williamston guessed Kirk Douglas placing a blue dreamer pill into a container on the dresser in the movie Saturn 3 with Farrah Fawcett

Jeremy of Nashville Guessed Dropping a Diamond Ring Into a Metal Cup at 10:30am on 11/06/23

Liz of Tarboro Guessed A Nutmeg Dropping Into A Sink at 12:30 on 10/06/23

Jared of Winterville Guessed Dropping a Thumbtack into a Thermos at 2:30 pm on 11/06/23 AND IT WAS CORRECT!!!!!




– 2 Spices >>>>>> Salt n Peppa>>>>> Push it = Pushpin/Thumbtack

– Not a Peppermint

– Hot = thermos/tumblr

– Cold = thermos/tumblr

– Farrah Fawcett >>>>>> Famous Poster = Thumbtack/Pushpin

– Handspring >>>>>>Gymanastics =Tumblr

– Finger >>>>>>> Thumb = ThumbTack/Pushpin

– Cork Board = Thumbtack/Pushpin

– Drywall = Thumbtack/Pushpin