Bob 93.3’s Secret Sound Winners and Answers 2021

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BOB 933's Secret Sound #2

Winning Jackpot: $3,050

BOB 933's Secret Sound #1

Winning Jackpot: $2,300


Carla from Colerain correctly guessed opening up a container of disinfectant wipes, pulling out a wipe and then closing the container at 10:30 AM on 10/27/21 and won $3,050!


Clues explained:

1.) COVID-19 – disinfectant wipes are used to help sanitize surfaces and prevent COVID-19. 


Allison of Jamesville guessed Changing out a Toilet Paper Roll at 7:30 Pm on 10/26/21

Anna in Greenville guessed disinfecting wipes opening and close it and put it back down on the counter at 4:30pm 0n 10/26/21.

Jessie in Rocky Mount guessed someone putting on exam/rubber gloves at 2:30 PM on10/26/21>

Austin in Goldsboro guessed a container of disinfecting wipes being open and closed at 10:30 AM on 10/26/21.

Teresa of Greenville guessed Unlocking a Biohazard Container and Locking it back at 7:30 PM on 10/25/21

Shannon in Jacksonville guessed someone inserting their key into the lock on their door, opening and closing the door behind them after they have entered at 4:30 pm on 10/25/21.

Christy in Kinston guessed after you wash your hands, getting paper from the paper towel dispenser and throwing it away at 2:30 PM on 10/25/21.

Travis in Kenansville guessed cash register drawer opening and closing – opening the drawer, getting the change and closing the drawer at 10:30 am on 10/25/21.

Jenny of Jamesville guessed Opening An X-ray Machine at 7:30 PM on 10/22/21

Ieesha in Greenville guessed empty container of disinfecting wipes being thrown in the trash but it bounces out, hits the floor and they walk over pick it up and put it in the trash at 4:30 PM on 10/22/21.

Sharon in Swansboro guessed a needle going into a Sharps container at 2:30 PM on 10/22/21.

Ieesha in Greenville guessed somebody getting two pumps of hand sanitizer and then walking out of the room at 10:30 AM on 10/22/21. 

Katie of Richlands guessed A 3 Hole Punch at 7:30 PM on 10/21/21

Katina from Swansboro guessed hole punching a stack of papers and then throwing them down on the table at 4:30 PM on 10/21/21.

Lisa from Jacksonville guessed picking up either a stack of papers or envelopes, tapping them on the table to flatten the bottom out, straightening them out and then plopping them back down at 2:30 PM on 10/21/21.

Chris in Goldsboro guessed a bolt action rifle – the bolt being open and closed, and then it being dry fired at 10:30 AM on 10/21/21.

BK of Kinley guessed Putting Mail Into Or Receiving Mail Into A Mailbox at 7:30 PM on 10/20/21

Katina in Swansboro guessed stapling and stamping a paper at the same time and then laying the stamp down at 4:30 on 10/20/21.

Katie from New Bern guessed pushing the push handle on a commercial door at 2:30 PM on 10/21/21.

Chloe in Jacksonville guessed putting paper in the printer and then closing the printer door at 10:30 AM on 10/20/21.

Donald of Greenville guessed a An Office Stamp Pressing Ink on Paper at 7:30 PM on 10/19/21

Mike in Havelock guessed the drive thru carrier shoot.. .somebody putting their stuff in it and then closing it at 4:30 PM on 10/19/21.

Alicia in New Bern guessed a book falling down some steps at 2:30 PM on 10/19/21.

Josh in Winterville guessed crushing cans in a trashcan and then putting the lid on it at 10:30 AM on 10/19/21.

Kassi of New Bern guessed Someone Running & Hitting a Tennis Ball at 7:30 PM on 10/18/21

Melinda in Jacksonville guessed somebody taping a box and then ripping the tape as they are taping it shut at 4:30 PM on 10/18/21.

Sharon in Swansboro guessed a plastic bottle falling down a vending machine at 2:30 PM on 10/18/21

Lauren in New Bern guessed a plastic trick-or-treat pale going on a counter, and then the handle flopping down at 10:30 AM on 10/18/21.

Brylan of Wilson guessed A Mechanical Stamp at 7:30 Pm on 10/15/21

Katia in Seven Springs guessed a Pop it coming up to you and you flip it on the other side at 4:30 PM on 10/15/21.

Casey in Jacksonville guessed pedal trash can..pushing the pedal down and throwing a bottle into it and the lid slamming at 2:30 PM on 10/15/21.

Katina in Swansboro guessed stacking four piles of poker chips, one on top of the other, and then picking them up and putting them back down at 10:30 AM on 10/15/21.

Kati of Richlands guessed Opening & Closing Your Glovebox at 7:30 Pm on 10/14/21

Lisa in Goldsboro guessed a skeleton key unlocking a door at 4:30 PM on 10/14/21.

Katy in Nashville guessed taking the lid off a 5 gallon bucket at 2:30 PM on 10/14/21.

Katie in New Bern guessed unlocking a padlock at 10:30 AM on 10/14/21. 

Kati of Richlands guessed Opening a Screen Door Then Closing it at 7:30 PM on 10/13/21

Alisson from Trenton guessed solving a rubix cube, showing the solution and sitting down the cube at 4:30 PM on 10/13/21.

Calvin in Goldsboro guessed a can crusher crushing a can and then dropping the can at 2:30 PM on 10/13/21.

Kayla in Tarboro guessed a vending machine at 10:30 AM on 10/13/21.

Sherry of Timberlake guessed Stapling Paper at 7:30 PM on 10/12/21

Karen in Havelock guessed a door opening unlocking and closing at 4:30 PM on 10/12/21.

Lisa from Goldsboro guessed the card key that opens the hotel door at 2:30 PM on 10/12/21.

Matthew in Winterville guessed opening and closing a cooler at 10:30 AM on 10/12/21.

Cassi of New Bern Guessed Someone Running While Bouncing a Basketball & the Basketball Bounces Up and Hits The Backboard at 7:30 PM on 10/11/21

Clarissa in Greenville guessed hitting the open button on a microwave..getting something out and closing it back at 4:30 PM on 10/11/21.

Lisa in Goldsboro guessed a VHS tape going into a VCR and then being ejected. at 2:30 PM on 10/11/21.

Claire in Morehead City guessed getting ice out of the freezer and then shutting the fridge door on 10/11/21 at 10:30 AM.

Lisa of Goldsboro guessed Opening a CD Player & Closing It at 7:30 PM on 10/08/21

Mathew from Winterville guessed trash can you open by stepping on it at 4:30 PM on 10/08/21.

Lisa in Goldsboro guessed snack falling from a vending machine at 2:30 PM on 10/08/21.

Tim in Greenville guessed putting a Tupperware lid on the container at 10:30 AM on 10/08/21.

Timmy of Richlands Guessed Opening a Refrigerator & Closing It at 7:30 PM on 10/07/21

Katie in Raleigh guessed unlocking a briefcase, opening it and then shutting it again at 4:30 PM on 10/07/21.

Matt in New Bern guessed opening a Pringles can at 2:30 PM on 10/07/21.

Kayla from Tarboro guessed a photocopy machine at 10:30 AM on 10/07/21.

Michelle of Kinley guessed Opening a Car Door & Shutting it Behind Them at 7:30 PM on 10/06/21

Katy in Raleigh guessed putting in a cassette tape at 4:30 PM on 10/06/21.

Megan in Goldsboro guessed car door shutting at 2:30 PM on 10/06/21.

Emily in Morehead City guessed a pitching machine at 10:30 AM on 10/6/21.


Jennifer from Greenville guessed cracking open a fortune cookie at 2:30 PM on 10/5/21 and won the Marine Federal Credit Union Jackpot of $2,300!


Clues explained:

2.) Lindsay Lohan – She stars in the movie “Freaky Friday” where she opens a fortune cookie and switches places with Jamie Lee Curtis. 

1.) DNCE – The song “Good Day” by DNCE has the lyric “Oh-oh-oh, I don’t need a fortune cookie to tell me the way I’m feeling”


Larry from Ahoskie guessed somebody playing a violin with their fingers at 10:30 AM on 10/5/21.

Love of Greenville guessed A Candle Flame Flickering at 7:30 Pm on 10/04/21

Steven in Kinston guessed fingers over a hair brush bristle at 4:30 PM on 10/04/21.

Jim in Greenville guessed coffeee beans in a coffee grinder at 2:30 PM on 10/04/21

Rebecca in Greenville guessed opening a fortune cookie wrapper at 10:30 AM on 10/4/21.

Jennifer from Raleigh guessed An Electric Toothbrush Turning On at 7:30 PM on 10/01/21

Lisa from Goldsboro guessed cards shuffling at 4:30 PM on 10/01/21.

Michelle in Kenly guessed curtains closing and opening in a photo booth at 2:30 PM on 10/01/21.

Cassie in New Bern guessed an ocean drum at 10:30 AM on 10/01/21.

Angie of Kinley guessed the sound of Pop Rocks Candy in Your Mouth at 7:30 PM on 09/30/21

Tim in Richlands guessed a Slinky at 4:30 PM on 09/30/21

Katia in Mount Olive guessed someone crunching on a potato chip at 2:30 PM on 09/30/21.

Emily from Morehead City guessed a rain stick at 10:30 AM on 9/30/21.

Lindsey of Hubert guessed Rubbing Down A Washboard at 7:30 PM on 09/29/21

Angie Jones in Kenly guessed dominoes going down at 4:30 PM on 09/29/21

Chris in Newport guessed stacking poker chips at 2:30 PM on 09/29/21

Katina in Swansboro guessed an automatic stapler at 10:30 AM on 9/29/21.

Scott from Rocky Mount guessed The Sound of a Camera Flash When Taking A Picture at 7:30 PM on 09/28/21.

Larry in Ahoskie guessed a packaging seal being open at 4:30 PM on 09/28/21.

Kayla in Tarboro guessed crinkling or balling up a foil balloon at 2:30 PM on 09/28/21.

Katina in Swansboro guessed a tape measure retracting back at 10:30 AM on 9/28/21.

Adam from Jacksonville Guessed a Coin Machine at 7:30 on 09/27/21.

Jennifer in Washington guessed a Guiro musical instrument at 4:30 PM on 09/27/21.

Regina from Newport guessed a money counter at a bank that counts dollar bills at 2:30 PM on 2:30 pm on 0927/21.

Ron from Washington guessed a pencil being dragged up and down the spine of a spiral notebook at 10:30 AM on 9/27/21.

Barbara from Bear Grass guessed Rubbing Your Finger Across the Bristles of a Tooth Brush at 7:30 PM on 09/24/21

Krista in New Bern guessed Pop Rock Candy at 4:30 PM on 09/24/21

Taylor  from Greenville guessed Sprinkles at 2:30 PM on 09/24/21.

Jennifer from Greenville guessed castanets at 10:30 AM on 9/24/24.

Clarissa from Greenville guessed running your hand back and forth across a hair comb at 7:30 PM on 09/23/21.

Katina from Swansboro guessed adding on the calculator with paper at 4:30 PM on 09/23/21.

Taylor from from Greenville guessed a ratchet at 2:30 PM on 09/23/21.

Katia from Mount Olive guessed a candy wrapper crinkling at 10:30 AM on 9/23/21.

Michelle from Kinley guessed paper tearing at 7:30 PM on 09/22/21.

Beth from Jacksonville guessed bacon in a frying pan at 4:30 PM on 09/22/21

Michelle who was picking up her kid in the carpool lane guessed a camera shutter at 2:30 PM on 09/2/21

Clarissa from Greenville guessed pulling up masking tape or duct tape at 10:30 AM on 9/22/21.

Krista from New Bern guessed someone slurping a drink at 7:30 PM on 9/21/21.

Ashley from Greenville guessed a horn at 4:30 PM on 09/21/21.

Laura from Washington guessed opening a Velcro wallet at 2:30 PM on 09/21/21.

Tim from Richlands guessed a change machine at 10:30 AM on 9/21/21.

Cassie from New Bern guessed the empty trash sound effect on a mac computer at 7:30 PM on 9/20/21.

Jennifer from Greenville guessed a cash register at 4:30 PM on 9/20/21.

Elizabeth from Eure guessed somebody shuffling a deck of cards at 2:30 PM on 9/20/21.

Elizabeth from Gates County guessed somebody dragging their finger across the keyboard at 10:30 AM on 9/20/21.B