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BOB 93.3's Secret Sound

Current Jackpot: $7,100

Secret Sound #1:


Clue #1: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Clue #2: Mary Poppins

Clue #3: Joe Pesci in Home Alone

Clue #4: Alice in Wonderland

Clue #5: Both of the objects used to make this sound can be purchased at a hardware store.


Regina from Newport guessed two crowbars hitting together at 11:30am on 10/05/22.

Angela from Havelock guessed bolt cutters cutting a lock at 9:30am on 10/05/22.

Calvin from Goldsboro guessed pulling down the change refund on a drink machine at 4:30pm on 10/04/22.

Amelia from Jacksonville guessed a tooth getting knocked out at 2:30pm on 10/04/22.

Warren from Greenville guessed someone closing some hedge clippers at 11:30am on 10/04/22.

Katina from Morehead City guessed a crowbar hitting a lock to break into something at 9:30am on 10/04/22.

Cindy from Davis guessed a damper opening in a chimney at 4:30pm on 10/03/22.

Hailey from Morehead City guessed slamming a spoon down on the counter at 2;30pm on 10/03/22.

Andrea from Wilson guessed a metal door knocker at 11:30am on 10/03/22.

Marcela from Greenville guessed screws in a toolbox at 9:30am on 10/03/22.

Lucas from Edenton guessed an old fashioned camera with a flash at 4:30pm on 9/30/22.

Kyle from New Bern guessed a pickaxe mining for gold at 2:30pm on 9/30/22.

Angela from Kinston guessed a lock being turned at 11:30am on 9/30/22.

Christie from Kinston guessed the sound when a guillotine falls at 9:30am on 9/30/33. 

Alesia from New Bern guessed a long umbrella… tapping it on the floor… the umbrella you use as a walking stick at 4:30pm on 9/29/22.

Stephanie from Nahunta guessed a movie plate being closed at 2:30pm on 9/29/22.

Jennifer from Greenville guessed opening an umbrella at 11:30am on 9/29/22.

Rayel from Greenville guessed Rocket putting the fin (arrow controller) on Yondu’s head from the prison break scene at 9:30am on 9/29/22.

Christine from Nags Head guessed Yondu’s arrow from Guardians Of The Galaxy at 4:30pm on 9/28/22.

Kara from New Bern guessed a bicycle kickstand at 2:30pm on 9/28/22.

Greg from Kinston guessed lowering the side of a metal crib at 11:30am on 9/28/22.

Jennifer from Greenville guessed sheep shears at 9:30am on 9/28/22.

Scott from New Bern guessed Herbie and The Love Bug at 4:30pm on 9/27/22.

Ricky from Enfield guessed a marriage seal stamp at 2:30pm on 9/27/22.

Laura from Washington guessed someone closing a stapler and clicking it closed at 11:30am on 9/27/22.

Teresia from Jacksonville guessed locking a big safe at 9:30am on 9/27/22.

Elizabeth from Ahoskie guessed Chris Pratt closing the T Rex cage at 4:30pm on 9/26/22.

Laura from Washington guessed a tumbler cup being out on an office desk at 2:30pm on 9/26/22

Christina from Richlands guessed a machine cutting fabric at 11:30am on 9/26/22.

Stephanie from Nahunta guessed chopping a vegetable at 9:30am on 9/26/22.

Matt from Greenville guessed a gumball machine at 4:30pm on 9/23/22.

Amore from Holly Ridge guessed silverware tapping on a champagne glass before you make a toast at 2:30pm on 9/23/22.

April from Jacksonville guessed a cash register at 11:30am on 9/32/22.

Linda from Rocky Mount guessed playing the High Striker game at the fair when you hit the thing that makes the piece slide up and hit the bell at 9:30am on 9/23/22.

Kimberly from Beulaville guessed horseshoes at 4:30pm on 9/22/22.

Amanda from Vanceboro guessed a bike bell at 2:30pm on 9/22/22.

Greg from Kinston guessed sabering a bottle of champagne at 11:30am

Katina from Morehead City guessed dropping a sword into a holster at 9:30am on 9/22/22.

Stephanie from Nahunta guessed when you close a door, the sound of the door hitting the metal plate  4:30pm on 9/21/22

Jessica from Wilson guessed an ice cube dropping into a glass at 2:30pm on 9/21/22.

Curtis from Williamston guessed a slot machine at 11:30am on 9/21/22.

Erin from Leland guessed a hammer hitting a railroad tie at 9:30am on 9/21/22.

Sam from Sneads Ferry guessed  somebody hitting a reception bell at 4:30pm on 9/20/22.

Carla from Goldsboro guessed a meat cleaver on a wooden cutting board at 2:30pm on 9/20/22.

Melanie from Pikeville guessed hitting a key on a toy piano at 11:30am on 9/20/22.

Cat from Seven Springs guessed a high hat leveling to the ground at 9:30am on 9/20/22.

Michelle from Kenley guessed someone closing a desk drawer at 4:30pm on 9/19/22.

Lakaysha from La Grange guessed a shovel hitting a rock at 2:30pm on 9/19/22.

Michelle from Kenley guessed someone latching a metal gate at 11:30am on 9/19/22.

Tiffany from Goldsboro guessed mining in a videogame at 9:30am on 9/19/22.

Michelle from Kenley guessed hitting a dinner fork on the counter at 4:30pm on 9/16/22.

Theresia from Winterville guessed the lid on a gumball machine when you take the gumball out at 2:30pm on 9/16/22.

Jasmine from Jacksonville guessed a Zippo lighter at 11:30am on 9/16/22.

Jasmine from Jacksonville guessed a guillotine at 9:30am on 9/16/22.

Ricky from Rocky Mount guessed a jail cell door closing at 4:30pm on 09/15/22.

Clay from Columbia guessed a slinky collapsing at 2:30pm on 09/15/22.

Samantha from Roanoke Rapids guessed a typewriter being reset at 11:30am on 9/15/22.

April from Newport guessed a knife sharpening at 9:30am on 9/15/22.

Jennifer from North Topsail guessed a xylophone at 4:30pm on 09/14/22.

Linda Davis guessed an old cash register at 2:30pm on 09/14/22.

Michelle from Kenley guessed someone punching in on a time clock at 11:30am on 9/14/22.

Michelle from Kenley guessed someone using a three hole puncher to punch paper at 9:30am on 9/14/22.

Michelle from Kenley guessed a toaster oven timer at 4:30pm on 09/13/22.

Renee from New Bern guessed pinball at 2:30pm on 09/13/22.

Regina from Newport guessed an old typewriter at 11:30 AM on 9/13/22.

Joy from Jacksonville guessed a bag of coins being dropped on the table at 9:30 AM on 9/13/22.

Melissa from Faison guessed a cash register at 4:30pm on 09/12/22.

Christina from Richlands guessed a hammer hitting/forging a sword at 2:30pm on 09/12/22.

Alexis from Greenville guessed a paper slicer at 11:30 AM on 9/12/22.

Buck from Grimesland guessed a truck door closing at 10:30 AM on 9/12/22.